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Plant-Based Nutrition for Disease Prevention, Reversal and Permanent Weight Loss

COVID, Your Immune System Food and Lifestyle Choices

We deeply believe that continuing to increase the strength of your immune system (also supported by acupuncture), maintaining your overall wellness, managing your stress and taking care of yourself is critical to your well-being. We recognize that this has been a very stressful time for most, and we hope to support you now, as we have always done.

We believe it’s not a coincidence that the co-morbidities that COVID-19 exploits: heart disease, diabetes and obesity are the same health issues that arise from animal-based eating and highly processed foods (AKA the “standard American diet”).

Transforming your health in this way will not only help you resist COVID-19  but also other threats of infection in the future.

Our affordable, plant-based registered dietitian nutritionist, Kirsten Puskar is available to help you transition to a more whole foods, plant-based lifestyle (some insurances accepted).

If you’re just starting out and not ready to commit, you can also book an intro session online with Elise to arrange for a lifestyle/nutrition consult (or call 215-266-5757). This call is for people who want to discover how easy it can be to incorporate more plants in their diet, and why.

Hear Elise interviewed on Gtown Radio’s “The Power of Food” show sharing her wisdom about Food As Medicine (1 hr).

We’re About Education

At the Northwest Center for Food-As-Medicine (a division of CAMA), we are passionate about educating people about the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. 

As the owner of CAMA, when I educated myself about these benefits in depth (I’m a graduate of Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program), as well as hundreds more hours of study with plant-based medical doctors, such as Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Michael Klaper, and being 90% plant-based myself, I vowed I would bring this information to my patients. 

We can be 100% plant-based (vegan) or get most of the way there. The more plants, and the less animal products you eat, the better will be your results.

Affect on Diabetes and Cancer

Plant-based eating is a lifestyle change, but well worth it, given the health benefits. This change is essential if we hope to eliminate pre-diabetes, reduce our diabetes meds, lose and maintain our weight much more easily, and keep the likelihood of cancer beginning or recurring to a minimum

Animals and the Environment

We think it’s also no small thing that this choice will also reduce climate change (the animal industry contributes more to climate change than all transportation in the world combined!) and reduces the violence, suffering and environmental damage inherent in industrial agriculture. But whatever your motivation, eating many more plants and less animal food WILL transform your health (physically and mentally) for the better.


  • That pre-diabetes can be reversed with diet?
  • That diabetes can sometimes be reversed with diet, and often results, at a minimum, with medication reductions?
  • That reducing the risk of a cancer diagnosis or recurrence is greatly improved with a plant-based diet?
  • That conditions such as arthritis (even Rheumatoid) can be greatly improved with a plant-based diet?
  • That weight loss is often permanent with a plant-based diet?
  • That blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels and the inflammatory markers that underlie chronic disease are ALL responsive to a plant-based diet? (no drugs needed to manage these conditions in many instances after adopting this diet!!)

Nutrition and Your Western Doctor

You are unlikely to hear about the food-as-medicine option from your western doctors because they are simply not educated about food as medicine as part of their training, and don’t know how to teach you to implement this solution.

We do!

We’re now able to offer a powerful key to lasting health and quality of life for your life time!

Consult Your Doctor About Changes in Medication

We encourage you to consult your doctor related to any course of healing you choose to pursue with us, especially for appropriate medication reductions, which will likely result (and quickly!) from following a plant-based diet.

You’ll know your doctor is educated in the current science if they support your efforts in this regard!


Make an appointment with one of our two plant-based nutritionists, Kirsten Puskar or Tiffani Dance, to help you transition gently or boldly into plant-based eating. Kirsten services are covered by insurance in some cases, listed in her profile.

You can read more about our nutritionists on the staff page

*Hundreds of thousands of participants in thousands of studies tracked over decades.