We have 8 different plans, all of which provide bigger discounts the more services you purchase. Here’s a simple example of how that looks:

Pricing Sample

Care Plan Savings

In order to save you money, and encourage you to combine our different therapies and use our services proactively and preventively, the way they were meant to be used, we have decreased the cost of our services as you increase the number of treatments.

We have 5 treatment types:

  • 3 Acupuncture offerings: Traditional, Cancer-specific and Fertility
  • Bodywork (many different types, and several different practitioners – you might want to try them all!)
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Consults – including education, diabetes and cancer prevention and reversal, permanent weight-loss through delicious food and lifestyle changes.


How Plans are Packaged:

Plans containing acupuncture are bundled in  either 6, 12 or 15 treatments:

  • 6 is the minimum amount of treatments to see how your body and condition respond to acupuncture,
  • 12 is the ideal number to respond to an acute symptom or condition: twice a week for 2-3 weeks, then once a week until three weeks of being symptom free;
  • 15 is the best maintenance plan – once every three weeks.

Plans containing bodywork and/or Plant-Based Nutrition Consults without acupuncture are bundled in 2, 4 or 6 treatments. This allows for patients to be introduced to these therapies, or to achieve specific short- or long-term goals.

Financing Care Plans



If you want to pay for your Care Plan over time, instead of all at once, select the PayPal Credit option on the checkout page.




How PayPal Credit works:

  • PayPal Credit allows you to pay zero interest for six months from the time make each purchase over $99. 
  • It’s free and simple to open a PayPal Credit account online, if you don’t have one.
  • Be sure to pay off your balance within six months from the day you make each purchase, otherwise at 25% interest fee is applied!
  • If you need technical help, contact our Care Consultant.

Compassionate Care Fund

Why is CAMA also called: Compassionate Alternative Medicine Associates?

Although we are shifting from a single-appointment model to medium and long-term Care Plans we don’t want anybody to forego care because they can’t afford it.

We have available a Compassionate Care Fund (CCF) for anyone who needs assistance paying for individual treatments.

Although our sliding scale has gone away, and our new price for out-of-plan acupuncture is now $55, if you can pay at least $30 the CCF will make up the difference (so our acupuncturists are paid in full).

How it works:

  • You may use the CCF for the first 3 visits, no questions asked.
  • After your first 3 visits, please contact our Care Consultant so we can understand your situation better.
  • CCF clients will be required to pay a one-time administration fee of $20, but won’t pay the usual $20 Missed Visit Deposit.
  • On your next CCF appointment, you will be required to pay in advance for following visits.
  • If you are a no-show or late cancel, you forfeit the entire amount of the pre-paid visit, and have to pay for your next 2 appointments on your next visit.
  • Clients of CAMA are invited to apply for Compassionate Care if in need, or contribute to Compassionate Care if they are able.
  • Patients pay a minimum of $30/session (existing px’s paying more than $30 but less than Care Plan rates, we would appreciate your continuing to pay that amount) and must pay for 2 sessions at a time.
  • The Compassionate Care Fund will pay the remainder of the cost of the treatments, as long as there are funds available.

As we transition, we are redoubling our commitment to keeping our services affordable and accessible in 4 ways:

Low Cost Treatments: Our out-of-plan fee, at $55, is 30% lower than the national average for acupuncture
Care Plans: By bundling our services, we’re able to offer substantial discounts;
Free Financing: Pay for your Care Plan interest free for 6 months from the date of purchase through PayPal Credit;
Compassionate Care Fund: If needed, this fund is available to make up the difference between what you can afford, and the new cost of our services. You can donate to this fund by clicking here.