CAMA's Chestnut Hill Pricing

Private Acupuncture is $75 with a $35 cancelation fee*.

Appointments can be paid online or by Venmo @elise-c-rivers (unless you are paying by check or cash).

All new patients need to fill out paperwork, ideally in advance. You can either click here and print them. After booking, you will also receive an email with that same link to the forms for you to print, fill out and bring in, or you may arrive 15 minutes before your 1st appointment.
48 hours required for canceling your appointment to avoid the fee.

Bodywork visits with Lottie are:

  • $120 for one hour, or
  • $160 for one-and-a-half hours

with a $50 cancellation fee*.

*48 hours required for canceling your appointment to avoid the cancelation fee.

Plant-based Nutrition consultations are $50/hr via ZOOM. Request a virtual appointment by emailing Elise.

Once your appointment is scheduled, payment is due within 24 hours paid online or by Venmo @elise-c-rivers.

Requesting a Receipt for your Insurance Company

We can email you a receipt for your insurance company. It will have the CPT (procedure) code (and if required by your insurer, an ICD-10 (diagnosis) code).

Note: Insurance companies only reimburse for appointments which have already take place. Upon request and completion of your Care Plan visits, we can produce a receipt.

Our receipts will show the date of service, the kind of treatment, and the total amount you paid.

Click the link below, and tell us your EMAIL ADDRESS you used to make the appointments and the Date Range you want the receipt for.

Click here and we’ll email you back a PDF receipt you can give to your insurer.

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