Community Acupuncture of Mount Airy

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Learn About CAMA 2020

We’re shifting our emphasis from individual appointments to Care Plans.

Our new Care Consultants will provide free education about the benefits of both holistic care and support you in taking a proactive (rather than  symptom-based/reactive) approach to your long-term care.

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As we transition, we are redoubling our commitment to keeping our services affordable and accessible in 4 ways:

Low Cost Treatments: Our out-of-plan fee, at $55, is 30% lower than the national average for acupuncture
Care Plans: By bundling our services, we’re able to offer substantial discounts;
Free Financing: Pay for your Care Plan interest free for 6 months from the date of purchase through PayPal Credit;
Compassionate Care Fund: If needed, this fund is available to make up the difference between what you can afford, and the new cost of our services. You can donate to this fund by clicking here.

Would you take a minute or two to give us feedback about how our changes are or aren’t working for you?

How to Find Us

Our Hours
Monday 9am-2pm & 6pm-9pm
Tues 11am-2pm & 5pm-9pm
Wed 10am-9pm
Thurs 10am-2pm
Fri 11am-4pm
Sat closed
Sun 11am-4pm
Contact Us

Elise at 215-266-5757 or


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Our Services

You can choose one of our holistic therapies (Acupuncture, Plant-based Nutrition and/or Bodywork) individually or at a significant discount within one of our Care Plans.

Stories From Our Clients

We’ve been serving the Mount Airy region for over 15 years and have been privileged to serve thousands of clients from all backgrounds. Hear what they have to say…