Compassionate Alternative Medicine Associates
2023 Business Hours in Chestnut Hill

*We are always booking FREE new patient consultations over zoom.  Simply call.

Day                Time                        Staff                                 Therapy

Monday         5-8pm                  Elise Rivers                     Acupuncture
Tuesday         4:30-8pm           Kathleen Strickler      Massage
Wednesday  1:30-4pm           Elise Rivers                      Acupuncture
                           4:30-7pm            Kathleen Strickler      Massage
Thursday      2-5pm                    Elise Rivers                      Acupuncture
                         10am-1:45pm      Kathleen Strickler      Massage

Plant-Based Consults with Elise Rivers & Kirsten Puskar via Zoom Upon Request


CLOSED Friday-Sunday

 You can schedule an appointment online with any of our practitioners.

Please call 215-266-5757 for same day appointments.

Our Services

You can choose one of our holistic therapies (Acupuncture, Plant-based Nutrition and/or Bodywork) individually or at a significant discount within one of our Care Plans.

All of our acupuncture staff are fully vaccinated,
offering ALL of our healing modalities: Acupuncture, Bodywork and Whole Food Nutrition Counseling!

Click here for details on our COVID Safety FAQ.

Important lessons learned about nutrition as a result of the pandemic...

COVID, Your Immune System,
& Food and Lifestyle Choices

It’s not a coincidence that the co-morbidities that COVID-19 exploits: heart disease, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, diabetes and obesity are the same health issues that arise from animal-based eating! Our affordable, plant-based dietitian, Kirsten Puskar is available to help you transition to a more whole foods, plant-based lifestyle (many insurances accepted). If you’re just starting out, you can also book a $45 intro session online with Elise to arrange for a lifestyle/nutrition consult (or call 215-266-5757). This call is for people who want to discover how easy it can be to incorporate more plants in their diet, and why.

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CAMA Media Articles in the Chestnut Hill Local and the Weaver's Way Shuttle

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Community Closing, Private Practice Opening

Links to Vegan Resources:

Every month the Bux-Mont-Philly Vegan Meetup does in-person potlucks. Bring your favorite dish, enough for 5 or 10, and meet your peeps! To join click here (you’ll get invites each month)

Want help making delicious vegan meals in 10 minutes or less? Click here to watch Max Rivers cooking on Facebook.

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Our latest, greatest testimonial!

I’ve been coming to Community Acupuncture of Mt. Airy (CAMA) for about 8 months, for chronic pain, acid reflux and IBS which  were affecting my quality of life…The care I receive is excellent. I always feel that I am genuinely cared about as a whole person and that my health and well-being is as important to them as it is to me. I am especially grateful for Elise who has been a supportive, encouraging and loving teacher during my transition to a plant-based diet, through the death of my mother and through the ups and downs on my path to wellness. I still have a ways to go, but I feel better than I have in many years!
Acupuncture will always be a part of my life and part of my overall wellness plan because CAMA makes it affordable to do that. It is wonderful for specific ailments, for overall well-being and for feeling balanced emotionally which is significant in these uncertain times. CAMA is a beautiful place and wonderful environment to work on health and well-being. I can’t recommend acupuncture and CAMA highly enough!  –A.D.  March 2020

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How to Find Us

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Chestnut Hill, Phila, PA 19118
(You’ll get the address in your appointment confirmation.)

Elise at 215-266-5757

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Stories From Our Clients

We’ve been serving the Mount Airy region for over 15 years and have been privileged to serve thousands of clients from all backgrounds. Hear what they have to say…

CAMA's Here For You! We are your affordable holistic health sanctuary on Germantown Ave since 2005!

We’re now open for appointments:  7 days, 3 nights including Sundays.

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We Offer:

Energy Medicine: Acupuncture

Physical Medicine: 3 types of massage

Food As Medicine: Whole Food Plant-Based Counseling.