I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your staff for making acupuncture affordable for the community.
I have had acupuncture treatments done at CAMA, as well as with a few other acupuncturists in the last 10 or so years.

I can say that without a doubt that the reason that CAMA had been such a huge piece of why I was as able to fully recover was not only because of the amazing care I received from your practitioners, but also because of the affordability of CAMA. I was able to see my acupuncturist regularly and more often than I ever could have with the other practitioners, (whom to their credit, were all wonderful, but unfortunately, all fell outside of my budget as a teacher at the time, in order for me to see them more than once a month or so).

-S.R October 2020

Thank you for your extraordinary work, your patience and compassion.


September 2007

I want you to know how much I appreciate all you've been doing for me. You are such a gifted healer and a kind and compassionate soul.
September 2007

Thank you so much for my visit today. I felt so cared for and taken care of-such a contrast with all the doctor visits I've been going to lately. 

A.L. May 2007

Thank you so much for your kindness, your caring, your devotion to the healing process, and your love. You are truly wonderful. You make my pain easier to bear.

Your concern and compassion around my chronic pain are deeply felt and appreciated.

D.R. August 2006

I decided to get acupuncture treatments at CAMA once a week in the hope that they would alleviate symptoms associated to rheumatoid arthritis.

Two of the worst symptoms that I was suffering were pain in the inflamed joints of my hands and low fever every evening at sunset. I was also always tired and afraid.

From the first treatment, with Elise Rivers, the fevers disappeared completely. Today, two months later, I have regained my strength and, taking no treatment other than acupuncture, I feel a general sense of well being that allows me to feel confident about the future.

I am immensely grateful to the staff of CAMA for the service they provide. The cost is affordable allowing me to have weekly treatments. CAMA is an extraordinary gift to me and to the community.

-A.W. January 2011

I had heard from a friend of mine about the benefits of acupuncture.

It was hard to actually take the step of scheduling an appointment with an accupuncturist, though, because I was concerned about safety, sanitariness and the “strangeness” of the idea of someone sticking needles into me.

Finally, I met Elise Rivers of CAMA at a Mt. Airy fund raising event, and her professional yet warm manner convinced me to try it.

That was about four months ago.

Now I’m a regular at CAMA. My disc-related sciatica is much better and I think of acupuncture as one of the lower back maintenance routines that I depend on to manage this chronic condition.

I’ve seen three different CAMA acupuncturists and would highly recommend all three. This is a very professional group.

The facility is quiet and spotlessly clean. I’m really glad to have found a place that is so committed to their professional practice that they’ve found a way to offer services at a truly affordable sliding rate…this lets me have acupuncture treatments every week for my back and other issues that come and go. Really a great health maintenance resource…

Linda F. –Chestnut Hill, March 2012