We require a $40 administration and appointment reservation fee from new patients which will be applied to your first visit. Click below to pay that fee now...

Note: you must pay the $40 admin fee online before booking.
Your first acupuncture appointment is $55 payable in person.

Money-saving Care Plans may also be purchased at the front desk, or by clicking here.

Our AcupunctureForms

(Alternatively, arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time, and fill out the forms in our office.)

New to alternative care?

Not quite ready to jump in with a Care Plan yet?

That’s okay! Try our 
Taste of Wellness

Take a taste of Acupuncture, Bodywork or Plant-based Nutrition Consults – up to 3 sessions (or more) at the out-of-plan rate.

Then, if you decide you’d like to purchase a Care Plan, we’ll apply the price difference of up to your last 3 sessions, and credit you the difference between what you paid, and what they would have cost in plan and credit that toward the price of your selected Care Plan!

 – Out-of-plan acupuncture sessions cost $55. 
 – In the Acupuncture 15 Care Plan, acupuncture sessions cost $42 dollars each.
– After you’ve done, say,  2 sessions, you decide to commit to support your wellness with a Care Plan and save money at the same time.
– Then, when you buy your Care Plan, you tell us how many Out-of-Plan sessions you’ve had (up to 3), in this case 2, and we’ll credit you the difference, in this case $55-$42=$13/session * 2 sessions = $26 credit towards your new Care Plan.

What to expect on your first acupuncture visit...

We are committed to keeping our services affordable and accessible in 3 ways:

Low Cost Treatments: Our acupuncture visits are $55, which is 35% lower than the national average cost for acupuncture
Care Plans: Our massage and whole foods nutrition counselling services are offered at substantial discounts;
Compassionate Care Fund: If needed, this fund is available to make up the difference between what you can afford, and the cost of our services.