Plant-Based Power Expo Postponed

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Announcing Philadelphia’s First Vegan Multi-Cultural Expo

The Plant-Based Power Expo has been postponed to Fall of 2021. It will be in Northwest Philadelphia (Mt. Airy) at New Covenant Church, 7500 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119, which has a congregation of more than 1000 African Americans. 

This event will be $15 in advance, $20 at the door with special pricing for groups, special circumstances and a number of free tickets available (more info later). We hope to register at least 1,000, and hope to have more! We have room for them in a beautiful 1500 seat sanctuary.

Friday night will be a musical extravaganza pre-party designed to create a sense of community and interconnectedness, and also foster the sense that making a change to a plant-based diet is a reflection that “we’re all in this together”– for our own and our family’s health, the animals and the Earth. 

The theme for the Expo is “Come as You Are and Change the World.”  The sub-theme for the Expo is compassion, and we will be showcasing that idea in a variety of ways. 

Our Keynote Speakers

Our confirmed speakers are keynote Dr. Michael Greger, author of two New York Times bestselling books on the benefits of plant-based eating and a renowned plant-based advocate. Click here for video 

Dr. Kim Williams, an African American vegan cardiologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, former President and now Trustee of the American College of Cardiology. Click here for video.

Dr. Michael Klaper, the director of the non-profit Moving Medicine Forward Initiative that sponsors lectures at medical schools around the world on the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. Click here for video.

Mission of the Expo:

The Plant-Based Power Expo is dedicated and designed to educate attendees about the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet, and provide resources and the tools needed to make this transition a reality.

Whole foods, plant-based professionals who wish to demonstrate techniques or products for making lifestyle changes are invited to share information about their services, and are encouraged to register as vendors and speakers so they can network with attendees.

Plant-based food trucks invited as well.

Unlike many gatherings about plant-based food, this Expo specifically seeks to attract the most in need among us:  The local community where this event will be held is a very varied mix of people from all walks of life.  

Many of them, and other groups throughout the city and region, either have the perception that a plant-based diet is cost prohibitive, too difficult, or is culturally simply not for them.  

Consequently, they are disproportionately saddled with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity–chronic health issues that could be prevented and in some cases reversed, with this lifestyle. 

Without re-education in what the body truly needs to thrive, these individuals are tragic casualties of our broken food system, our current climate of misinformation and government policies overly influenced by food industry dollars. We fully expect and intend the audience to be comprised mostly of African Americans.

If you have personally benefitted by choosing a plant based lifestyle,(like Kimberly Elise at left – click here for her video) or believe in supporting it, please consider participating in this event in some way, as a speaker, vendor, sponsor or other supporter.  TOGETHER we can change the future of medicine, healthcare and the planet! 

This event was conceived and created with love by Elise Rivers of the Northwest Center for Food As Medicine (a division of CAMA at, to benefit her fellow humans, the animals and the Earth.

Visit to register your interest in participating, or write to the organizer at Elise Rivers

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VOLUNTEERS: individuals who’d help out on the day of to make sure everything goes smoothly, such as help with parking, greeters at the door, directors to organize the large crowd, registration, lunch service (to be provided), and clean up crew (mostly provided by our host).

VENDOR/SPONSOR TEAM: who can help us brainstorm, find and recruit vendors and sponsors who will add value to this event?  How to do outreach and present this opportunity to them in the best way?  Vendors and sponsors will be financing this event, so it can be provided for free to the public. 

YOUNG PEOPLE’s TEAM:  who can help us reach out to local universities/colleges/students—some of our most important attendees–as their education, political power and food choices will affect all of us for decades to come.  How do we engage, involve and benefit them?

GOODIE TEAM:  are there give aways/product samples that are out there that could be provided to attendees to enhance and add value to their experience?  How do we find these goodies and organize them to best effect?

We look forward to hearing from you and enjoying your enthusiasm for contributing this event!