Our Care Plans

8 Care Plans for Your Long-Term Health

Care Plans Explained

Care Plans enables us to provide affordable care, education about holistic health, fosters a proactive and preventive approach to wellness. 

By purchasing one of our Care Plans, you will receive discounts on acupuncture, bodywork and nutritional counseling (see Pricing and Policies). This enables you to optimize and customize your healthcare approach with a mix of services that best support your needs. 

We hope our Care Plan approach to wellness will encourage you to not only include acupuncture more regularly in your life as part of your personal “wellness plan” (how it’s used most effectively), but also support you in benefiting from the other talented providers under CAMA’s roof. 

To take advantage of the deep discounts we are offering when services are selected and paid for in advance. You may either simply select a plan, or arrange for a complimentary consult with our new Care Consultants to help you select a plan that best meets your needs.

If you are concerned about finances relative to this change, you have the option to select six month interest-free financing through PayPal Credit on the checkout page. Also, please ask us about our Compassionate Care Fund, available to those who need help funding their health care at CAMA.

As always, thank you for being a patron of CAMA…we couldn’t do what we do without YOU!

We are committed to keeping our services affordable and accessible in 3 ways:

Low Cost Treatments: Our acupuncture visits are $55, which is 35% lower than the national average cost for acupuncture
Care Plans: Our massage and whole foods nutrition counselling services are offered at substantial discounts;
Compassionate Care Fund: If needed, this fund is available to make up the difference between what you can afford, and the cost of our services. 

CAMA's Care Plans

A Plan-By-Plan Description

Our fee for out-of-plan acupuncture is $55. 

Our Care Plans offer education, healing therapies, and substantial savings.

For example, the Acupuncture Care Plan can bring the price of an acupuncture treatment to as low as $42.


Do you love acupuncture and already include it in your self-care, or just want to dip your toe in? Then this plan is for you! This Care Plan saves you 10%-25% off on every visit, depending on quantity purchased.

Other Care Plans containing Acupuncture are:


Maybe you’ve got a favorite, or want mix it up to see what you like best? You can sample our 3 bodywork professionals, each for hour long visits at savings of $5-$15 over the out of Care Plan price, depending on quantity purchased.

Other Care Plans containing Bodywork are:

Plant-Based Nutrition

Nutrition consultations, education and support combined with or without acupuncture for a healthy lifestyle makeover. Also powerfully promotes permanent weight loss.

Other Plans containing Plant-based Nutrition Consults are:

Pain Management

Acupuncture is one of the best ways to manage chronic pain without the side-effects of drugs. Also boosts your immune system, balance hormones. This Care Plan also includes massage to address the muscular tension created by pain, as well as nutrition, since certain common foods create inflammation in the body.

Pain Management includes:
* Acupuncture
* Plant-based Nutrition Consults
* Bodywork

Fertility Care ​​

The ability to become pregnant is tied to overall health and hormone balance, both of which are strongly supported by acupuncture. In this Care Plan, you can benefit from our women’s health/fertility acupuncture specialists, whatever phase: to support your becoming pregnant, labor inducement, and post partum care.

Fertility includes:
* Fertility Acupuncture

Stress Management

High stress, even if positive (getting married, purchasing a new home) is one of the biggest factors to influence health. This Care Plan is a mix of acupuncture and massage, so that you handle more gracefully whatever stressors come your way!

Stress Management includes:
* Acupuncture
* Plant-based Nutrition Consults
* Bodywork

Cancer Support

Manage the side-effects of chemotherapy, radiation and cancer drugs, including fatigue, neuropathy, hot flashes, pain, depression and anxiety. This Care Plan combines acupuncture, bodywork and nutrition to support you in every way as you proceed with your Western care.

Cancer Support includes:
* Acupuncture
* Plant-based Nutrition Consults
* Bodywork

Ditch the Diabetes

Did you know that many people are reversing their pre-diabetes, or reducing their Type II Diabetes meds with their food choices? That’s because Food IS Medicine, and we’ve got a Care Plan for just that purpose, combining acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition and education to help you reverse or manage pre-diabetes or diabetes for the rest of your life!

Ditch the Diabetes includes:
* Acupuncture
* Plant-based Nutrition Consults
* Bodywork

Food As Medicine (Acupuncture & Plant Based Nutrition)

The power of acupuncture can be immensely enhanced when we add in Food As Medicine. Anyone interested in getting help improving their diet, and especially any with chronic pain and/or weight management issues would be an excellent candidate for this package