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Acupuncture Care Plan Update:

Because CAMA is closing on Dec 31, 2022, we have discontinued the purchase of Acupuncture Care Plans.

However, if you have previously purchased one,  as a thank you, we’re offering you a discount rate of $49 for any acupuncture treatments for the rest of this year.

So when you’ve used your last prepaid Acupuncture Care Plan treatment, you’ll be paying on a per visit basis $49. You can click here to schedule your next acupuncture appointment.

In 2023, Elise will be opening a private practice in Chestnut Hill. Acupuncture pricing and policies will be posted on this website in December.

Bodywork w Kathleen and Nutrition Care Plans will continue to be available and accepted, extending into 2023 at our new location in Chestnut Hill.

Expiration of Discounted Acupuncture (Care Plans or Pre-Paid Visits): These visits must be used before they expire on 12/31/22. We’ve contacted everyone with a Care Plan or Pre-Paid visits explaining the options to get a refund, transfer your visits to another person, or have us donate the remaining value to the Compassionate Care Fund. Plans that expire without instructions from you will be donated as decided by the practice.

Note: Refunds and donations amounts will be calculated as the total paid less the undiscounted price for each visit already used.

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