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Please note: Due to overwhelming response we are limiting customers to one (1) wipe (until we find a manufacturing partner).
If you clicked on “add to cart” and ended up here, it is because you already have one wipe in your cart.
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Instructions for use:

Hand Wiping:

Remember: The longevity of the wipes’ effectiveness depends on frequency of use, number of users, and the amount of target exposure. The wipe only dissipates iodine in the presence of organic matter. If you pick up debris (like crumbs or dirt) it will continually discharge and use up the iodine prematurely. It is not clean visibly dirty surfaces.

Replacement: Replace when more than 50% grey or white. Guaranteed to last at least 30 days. If your wipe fades sooner, click on the “Our Guarantee” menu link on our website and we’ll send you a link to our discount store.

Friendly Re-order Policy: After 30 days, click on the “Contact Us” menu option, and select the “20% Discount” checkbox and we’ll send you a link to our discount store.


Iodine sensitivity and related allergic reactions are uncommon, as iodine is a necessary dietary need for health.  However, in hypersensitive people, exposure to iodine may cause redness when applied to the skin.  If so, discontinue use and, if desired apply corticosteroid cream to help relieve the symptoms of an iodine hypersensitivity.

If you should experience sensitivity to the product, either gift it to another, or return for a full refund.

Note: The iodine in wet IoWipes will stain paper and some material. Avoid heat: leaving your wipes in a hot car or on a radiator can result in all of the iodine evaporating!