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CAMA's Policies

MVD Policy

Missed Visit Policies:

  • The Missed Visit Deposit was implemented to make sure your acupuncturist gets paid for their time if you cancelled with less than 24 hours notice (i.e. didn’t give us enough time to try to fill your slot). Unlike most medical offices which overbook (so if you miss they already have some else there – which is why your 10am appointment often means sitting in the waiting room until 11am or later – we only book you for your half hour. So if you don’t show up, your acupuncturist has to not only just wait for their next patient, they wouldn’t get paid for the time either!
  • Donating your MVD: If you leave the practice (or don’t have an appointment for 30 days or longer) you agree to donate your $20 MVD to either our CCF (Compassionate Care Fund) for patients who can’t afford the full cost, or to a charity of our choosing.
  • Requesting your MVD Refund: You can request your MVD refund, preferably after a treatment while you’re in the office. You can apply it towards payment for your last treatment, or get a cash refund at the office, or a PayPal refund to your email.
  • After CAMA closes: You can request a refund of your MVD up to 30 days after the close of our practice. After that, you are agreeing to our using your fee at our descretion.

PPCP Policy

Pre-Paid Care Plan Policies:

  • Cancelling your PPCP: If you don’t want to use all the prepaid visits in your plan we will cancel your plan, and charge you for the Out Of Plan Fee of $55 for each session you have received. We will then refund you the remainder in a cash, check or a PayPal refund, if any exists. (However, since you’ll be paying more for each session, there may be no value left (e.g. a ACU12 plan costs $450 for 12 sessions at $45. If you leave after 10 sessions, you will have used 10 sessions at $55=$550 and so will have no refund left).
  • Converting a PPCP: If you want to use some of your PPCP value to buy a different kind of service, say convert the remainder of an ACU12 to massages, we will apply the value left in your package towards the Out Of Package cost for the new service.
  • After CAMA closes: We strongly suggest that you use up your packages before [date of CAMA’s Closing]. If you don’t you can request a refund of the remainder of value in your package (using the formula in “Cancelling you PPCP”) up to 30 days after the close of our practice. After that, you are agreeing to our using that value (if any) at our descretion.