Hand Sanitizing:


 For Cell Phones & Electronics:

Instructions for use:

While moist, stretch IoWipe cuff over knob so that when using your skin will not make contact with the knob. It will shrink to fit snugly when dry. It remains effective, even when dry, killing any micro-organisms that are left on its surface.

Replacement: Replace at first sign of fading from jet black.

Remember: The longevity of the wipes’ effectiveness depends on frequency of use, number of users, and the amount of germ exposure. The wipe only dissipates iodine in the presence of organic matter (like microbes) so, if you pick up debris (like crumbs or dirt) it will continually discharge and use up the iodine prematurely. It is meant to sanitize, not clean visibly dirty surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Return Policy: At that point you can come back to the website and click on the Recycle Button to receive 50% off the product you are recycling. We’ll ship you out your new item upon receipt of your used product. This built in recycling process dramatically eliminates the waste produced by the disposal of used wipes, wiper canisters, wrappers, dispensers, spray bottles, towelettes, etc.



Iodine sensitivity and related allergic reactions are uncommon, as iodine is a necessary dietary need for health.  However, in hypersensitive people, exposure to iodine may cause redness when applied to the skin.  If so, discontinue use and, if desired apply corticosteroid cream to help relieve the symptoms of an iodine hypersensitivity.

If you should experience sensitivity to the product, either gift it to another, or return for a full refund.

Note: The iodine in wet IoWipes will stain paper and some material.