New patients need to reserve their first appointment with a $40 payment for a non-refundable cost of setting them up in our system, and a refundable appointment fee which is kept on our system as long as you are a patient with us to pay your practitioner if you miss an appointment without giving us 24 hours notice.

Unlike most western doctors, we don’t double book to cover our costs. When you make an appointment, that half-hour is your time. So if you don’t give us enough notice for us to fill that time, if you cancel, we still need to pay your practitioner, so your $20 Missed Visit Deposit is used for that purpose.

If you do miss an appointment without enough notice, we use your $20 Missed Visit Deposit to pay them, and so on your next appointment, you will be asked to deposit another $20 into your account.

When you leave the practice, you can ask for your $20 Missed Visit Deposit to be refunded. If you don’t ask for 6 months, we use that money to offset the cost of our Compassionate Care Fund for people who can’t afford to pay for their own care.