Re-usable Anti-Microbial Wipes

The Power of Iodine in your hands!

This antimicrobial wipe both sanitizes and disinfects.

Iodine is a powerful and effective broad-spectrum anti-microbial which is known to kill many bacteria as well as viruses.

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all experienced many changes in our understanding of what is safe.
We have great confidence in this product line, which is a consumer application of a wound care product developed at the PlasTech Company, currently being used to treat  thousands of patients with critical wounds.

Due to recent overwhelming response
(see media coverage below)
we are temporarily limited orders to
ONE wipe per customer.


We simply don’t have the manufacturing capability at this time to keep up with the growing demand!

We’re interested in talking to biotech and medical companies  with manufacturing expertise (knowledge of sanitizing and iodine a huge plus) who can help us produce IoWipes to meet the growing demand.


Saves Money!

IoWipes are guaranteed to last at least 30 days and cost $25.

 Comparatively, a 1 month use of disposable wipes for the same number of applications (at 20 times/day) would cost around $65 on average. 

Help the Planet!

IoWipes are self-sanitizing and reusable vs one-use, throw-away wipes and their plastic containers.

Help Others!

When you return your used wipe in our pre-paid envelope we’ll reconstitute it and donate it to those in need.


What is an IoWipe?

How are they used?

What forms do they come in?

How To Use IoWipe Videos

We keep finding more and more uses for the IoWipe. 

What are you using them for? Tell us by emailing us here.


#1833 IoWipe Hand Sanitizer
#1833 IoWipe Hand Sanitizer
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I love that I can use this on my hands frequently and they don't feel dry!
#1916 IoWipe 3 Pack
#1916 IoWipe 3 Pack
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I use it to sanitize every knob and faucet and oh just anything that gets touched with any kind of regularity at my art studio. After a full studio cleaning, followed by a sanitizing wipe down, I feel secure about keeping a healthy environment for the students and teachers.
 IoWipe Home and Office Kit (3 wipes, 4 Knobs, 2 phones)
IoWipe Home and Office Kit (3 wipes, 4 Knobs, 2 phones)
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I was blown away when the wipes arrived hand delivered !! The products are awesome!! This is my second order I shared them with family and they were also very impressed. Thank you for helping us stay safe dealing with the caronavirus
Nancy Hoffman
Nancy Hoffman
FL Resident
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I have been using the IoWipe to help me get through The Virus Times. It is a convenient and reusable self-sanitizing "cloth" that you can use to open doors, clean hands and surfaces, pick up items. This amazing product gives me great confidence that I am being as careful as possible to stay safe and uninfected, and that gives me peace!
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Love the wipes. My acupuncturist had me use this product in her office before lockdown and I loved the product. My sister and I are using it in our apartment complex to keep safe Very effective. Easy to order and immediate delivery.

What is the IoWipe?

A 7” x 7” black sponge cloth with a soft moist feel

Why is it better?

Ecological, Half the Price, Powerfully Effective.

Many uses!

Hands, tables, phones, door knobs, babies, steering wheels, gyms, offices, restaurants and more!

They're Guaranteed!

Although it’s impossible to identify the exact number of uses that your wipe should last (because that depends on how it is being used - the number seems to be between 200 and 400 uses – which is about 6 to 12 uses per day) we guarantee that it should last at least one month. If your wipe lasts less than 30 days: If your wipe fades or develops white spots in less than 30 days, click here to fill out the form to get a return email with a link to the 50% discount on your next wipe purchase. For a Discount on your next wipe: At the point after 30 days, when your IoWipe fades from its jet black color when wet, you can get a 20% discount on your next IoWipe purchase by clicking here.

What if my IoWipe develops white spots? Click here: Response to Spots on IoWipe Products for detailed information.

How to use...

Watch a demo!

The Science

Iodine has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial effectiveness.

About the Inventor

Bio and Shark Tank Video...

IoWipes in the News

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